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How to Register Instructions


Welcome to the Creative Retirement website.You may register for classes, renew your membership and more.

The horizontal bar near the top of the screen is the Navigation bar and can be found on all our pages. It contains links to Home, Programs, Membership, Donate.

On the right side of our Home page is a listing of our Categories which takes you to our Programs page which also happens by clicking on the Programs link on the Navigation bar.

Click on a category, then click on the class, course or lecture in which you are interested. This will display the details of the course and give you the option to Add to My Cart. We use the common shopping cart model where you add the items of your interest to your shopping cart. You may also pay for a membership or make a donation, all found on the navigation bar to the right of Programs.

When you are done click on the prompt to Checkout

Checkout is where you provide your details to complete the registration. Look at your cart contents to make sure you have no duplicates. 

When you finally click Submit on the Checkout page, your credit card will be charged and you will receive an email confirming your registration.  If upon Submit, you are returned to the Checkout page, you have made an error in the data entry and need to complete the form correctly. The most common error is not putting the spaces in your credit card number or incomplete information.


You may set up an Account with CRM (upper right hand corner: Login-Sign Up) that will auto fill in your contact details when you are signed in. CRM does not store any credit card information. The account will also keep a record of your registrations.